Day 1 of our journey took us to Eindhoven via the ferry from Dover to Calais, a distance of 500 miles were covered with no problems.

Day 2 was a blast through Germany and then onto Denmark via a ferry with another 500 miles covered by road. Today we did encounter a problem with a dashboard fire, this was quickly sorted with a re-wire to get us on our way.

Day 3 we travelled into to Sweden and then onto our destination of Lillehammer, Norway. With another 500 miles plus under our belts and also trouble free.

Day 4 saw us travel out of Norway and back into Sweden and onto out destination of Ostersund. This was a journey of some 400 miles on country roads that took us 14 hours to drive.

Day 5 we travelled to the far north of Sweden and over the Arctic Circle, and into Lapland with a distance of 350 miles covered. At this point we were all feeling emotional at reaching the The Arctic Circle in our old Bangor.

Day 6 we travelled south to our destination of Koupio, Finland. This journey was a bit problematic with our gearbox playing up, it was traced to the overdrive switch not working so we re-wired the gearbox to the heated rear widow switch to enable us to change gear. You can’t do that on a modern car !!!

Day 7 took us to the capitol of Finland, Helsinki. And the end of the Rally. Although we didn’t come anywhere near winning the rally, we were just pleased to have completed it with a far older car by some 20 years of our competitors .

Day 8 we travelled via ferry from Helsinki to Estonia and onto to Riga the capitol of Latvia. This was a tough journey as all roads in the ex Russian Baltic states are in a poor condition.

Day 9 was our toughest day with 600 miles to cover without seeing a motorway. We travelled out of Latvia and through Lithuania and onto our destination of Pila in Poland, our journey time was 18 hours non-stop.

Day 10 took us from Poland into Germany and through Holland and onto to our destination of Antwerpen, Belgium, with another 500 plus miles under our belt.

Day 11 and our final journey back home via the Calais to Dover ferry. We arrived back in Crewe about 8pm with our expedition completed.

Miles Completed – 4700

Cost of Petrol - £998

MPG – Average 25

We would like to point out that the cost of the car and all associated cost of the rally came out of our own pockets so that all monies raised went to Cancer Research. In Total we have raised so far this year a tremendous figure of £8400.00 and would like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone who donated.